Strategy Development

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We develop and execute strategies effectively.

Whilst saying we’re in ‘strategic planning’ may sound cooler,  ‘strategy execution’ is where the difference is made, because this is where most companies struggle. 

Marketing & Communications Audit

The primary reason for a marketing and communications audit is to improve your bottom line by ensuring your communication is consistent and is, therefore, more effective. It is important to have clear brand communication and positioning messages so customers know what you do, what products and services are available, and how these can benefit them as customers. This audit seeks to evaluate your current brand and communication as well as to identify opportunities for growth. In short, if you're a small business owner and you don't know where to start with your marketing initiatives, it's best to start here. 

Digital Strategy Development

Statistics show that more than 50% of companies use digital marketing (which includes social media), but they don't have a clear plan and that 64% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online. The importance of having a clear digital marketing strategy and plan is essential. Digital marketing can be overwhelming to a business owner and we aim to develop effective strategies for our clients that will generate enquiries so they can focus on what they do best - converting new enquiries and managing their business. 

Customer Acquisition & Sales Strategy

It’s easy to waste a lot of money in the wrong channels to acquire new customers, especially ones where you go toe-to-toe with the big guys and can easily be outspent. You have to execute in a different way.

Your business will only win by marketing smart – acquiring customers in a way that differentiates you from the crowd and builds an enthusiastic customer base without the recurring expenses to source new clients on a monthly basis.

Customer Retention Strategy

How much have you invested in sales and marketing over the last few months / years? 

Your customer retention strategy is about keeping the customers you’ve invested in to acquire.

Studies show that it costs ten times more to generate a new customer than to maintain an existing one.

If you have a small number of customers, losing a few could cripple your company. Even if you have a large number of customers, a small increase in your customer retention rate should dramatically increase your profits. With a strong customer retention strategy, it’s much easier to grow your revenue and profitability.

Hospitality Development Report

An ideal opportunity for the hospitality establishment owner such as a Guesthouse, B&B, Game Farm or Lodge that would like an objective and independent review of their establishment.

This report will highlight what is working well and identify areas that need improvement with recommendations for the further development of services and / or amenities. 

Developing rooms and amenities used by guests to its fullest potential will ensure that guests will receive value for money and leave with an unforgettable experience, generating positive word-of-mouth, higher occupancies and profitability.

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